Musician, Videographer, Creator

Working For You

Bringing unmatched creativity to your projects

Intuitive Compositions

Writing original and stuck-in-your-head music for movies/TV/games is my forte, be it soundscapes, expressive symphonic pieces, or the gnarliest of metal anthems.

Professional Audio/Video Production

Mixing professional-sounding and clear music in a humble but formidable home studio, leaving guitars crunching, vocals somber, and no second of sound tarnished. Video projects done in high-resolution, cutting-edge visual effects, and attention to every detail, every frame.

Vibrant Performances

With guitar, bass, piano, synth, vocal/voice over, and a passion for versatility, the world of music styles, textures, and genres is within reach.


Growing work includes albums, charity projects, music videos, original compositions, voicework, and more.

Video Game Covers

HQ music performances of various video-game, movie, and TV soundtracks across rock, metal, and other styles!


Video-game themed albums, EPs, and releases spanning progressive rock/metal styles

Charity Work

Co-director of Multiplayer Project, a collaborative video-game music group to benefit various charities

Original Work

Commissions, compositions for TV/Games, and original rock/metal work


Providing distinct voice-over, speech, and character work for games/animation

Audio Production

Creating clear mixes, ultra-realistic tracking, and studio-level masters


My name is Ro Panuganti and I am a driven creative - Music, Videography and everything in between.

Music I am an active recording and performing musician, hosting the majority of my works on Youtube. I am predominantly an electric guitarist and also play bass guitar, piano, sitar, tablas, and am a vocalist/voice actor. I am an experienced arranger of popular music from video games, movies, television, composer for a variety of works, and a mixing engineer. My music is inspired by classic rock, blues, soundtracks, progressive metal, and I work with an array of artists across the globe in a variety of projects including the Multiplayer Charity. My work spans hundreds of covers and licensed albums, has reached Nickelodeon and indie games, and I have produced videos with over 1 million views. Working on music and music videos is an incredible way to combine skills, unique talented individuals, and make the most remarkable projects possible.

Videography As a music video producer, I employ newer editing styles, elaborate visual FX, and constantly study new camera techniques to make more interesting products. Having edited videos since I was ten, I am comfortable with narrative-driven works, performance videos, filming band/live events, and more abstract short films. To recreate and immerse viewers, I use 3D Compositing, 3D Motion-Tracking, Professional Color Grading and more advanced video effects for my projects. I am just as comfortable working on 4K nature panoramas as I am keying out footage to create a digital atmosphere. Working with clients and collaborators, I produce music videos that highlight musical performances and instruments as well as narrative-heavy stories.



  • Guitars: Ibanez RG350M, Ibanez RG7421, ESP LTD JH-200 equipped with DiMarzio pickups, Sterling Music Man JP170D 7 String, Ibanez SR405QM 5-String Bass, Yamaha APX300 Acoustic, Fender Squier Stratocaster
  • Non-Guitars: Alesis Q49 MIDI Controller, 12-hole and 6-hole ocarinas, Recorder, Mini-Djembe, Kalimba, and other small percussion
  • Miscellaneous: D'Addario NYXL Strings (10-52 + 68 for 7 string), Steel XLs (9-42 for Ibanez RG350, 10-46 and 10-52 on others), Planet Waves Guitar Straps, Dunlop .75mm Gator Picks


  • Home-Built Desktop: AMD FX8320 3.2Ghz, Nvidia GTX1070 Video Card, 12GB RAM, 1TB HDD and 1TB External HDD
  • Fractal Audio Axe FX II XL Guitar Preamp/Processor
  • Mackie MR5 MK3 5" Studio Monitors
  • Audio Technica ATH M50X Studio Headphones, and ATH M30 Studio Headphones (reference)
  • Focusrite Scarlett Solo (2-input) USB 3.0 Interface
  • Audio Technica AT2020 Condenser Microphone


  • Digital Audio Workstation: Cockos' Reaper 5.0
  • Positive Grid's BIAS FX (preferred), Guitar Rig 5, and various amp-simulations
  • Fabfilter and Izotope Plugins for mixing, mastering, and audio-repair
  • Toontrack Superior Drummer 2.4 and SDX Progressive Foundry for Drum Sampling
  • Native Instruments' Battery, Massive, Reaktor, and Absynth for synthesizers
  • Sample Libraries from Spitfire Audio and various freeware instruments

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